ATM GALLERY BERLIN sees itself as a translator and mediator of art from public space.

Since 2007, we have been presenting the most diverse positions and facets of the work of artists whose creative origins lie in the essence of our modern metropolises at international exhibitions and art fairs.

The selection of our artists reflects the broad palette and original power of a young, urban generation of artists:

While EMESS unleashes multi-layered associations through pop money portraits in stencil and silkscreen, DANNY GRETSCHER relies more on the soft, emotional tones of his large-scale, abstract paintings.

INNERFIELDS expose the digital madness of modern telecommunications on rough canvases by means of delicate, airy surrealism, while JOSEPHINE KAISER turns to the age-old interplay of the sexes in her filigree silhouettes.

While KAI STAUDACHER shares his fascination for sports with us through stencilled nostalgia, M:M hides delicate portraits of icons of the punk rock movement in oversized fingerprints.

JOHN WENTZ, a master of deconstructive painting explores the process and effect of detail and simplification in his portraits.

The aim of ATM GALLERY BERLIN is to make the energetic expressions of a globally active urban art scene more transparent to the public consciousness.

At the same time, we firmly believe in the creative power of a young, contemporary and urban art movement whose potential is far from exhausted.