11th Interventionale @ Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin

The ELFTEN INTERVENTIONALE is therefore about art in the public space.
or artistic interventions in the public sphere. The strategies are subtle and subversive or striking and provocative.
and provocative, the expression ranges from political to poetic, from calligraphic
abstract calligraphy to performatively disturbing. What they all have in common
is the intervention in the public image, the appropriation of the public sphere
and the accompanying self-empowerment to communicate through artistic means.
with artistic means.
And this is independent of the genre and genre background. The participating artists have one thing in common: their stage is not (solely) the white cube, the gallery or the museum.
This art first takes place outside, in the city. Is it now a contradiction to hold an exhibition with this theme in the
in the studio gallery of the Haus am Lützowplatz, i.e. in the interior?
indoors? I do not think so. One does not exclude the other.
Many of the works shown are documents of actions, installations and stagings in public space.
and stagings in public space. Others function
indoors as well as outdoors, but have their origins in outdoor space.
And quite independently of the preceding remarks:
Of course, there is a great deal of good art that is conceived exclusively for the
for the interior. Nothing is absolute. Everything is allowed.
It’s the variety that counts.