C215 – Stencil History X

Vernissage: 13.02.2009, 7pm


The French artist C215 alias Christian Guemy is next to artists like JR or Blek one of the most famous representatives of the French Street Art School.

For years now, the French Artist travels the world to leave stencil portraits in the suburbs of London, the streets of New Delhi or the favelas of Brazil.

Christian Guemy uses his detailed pochoirs to portray the victims of our society – in a manic manner at each of his stops he cuts numerous of photo-realistic counterfeits of local refugees, homeless, orphans or street kids. C215 not only pushes those who usually live at the edge of our urban society into the centre of his art, but also in the middle of our conscience.

The spectrum of Christian Guemy’s work is massive and easily fills 2 or 3 galleries – therefore works of C215 from around the world will be shown simultaneously in Brunnenstrasse in Berlin-Mitte and at Oranienplatz in Kreuzberg.

Next to showing some of his own pieces C215 also acts as curator within this exhibition and shows works of other famous representatives of the ‘Ecole de Pochoir Parisienne’.

The reason for Christian Guemy‘s worldwide popularity is not only based on his personal works but also lies in the fact that he can be regarded as one of THE French activists who has helped build up the street art scene in France for example by organising collective exhibitions in the ‘Grande Nation’ with up to 200 artists. One of his latest successes was the publication of the book “Stencil History X” in which he tried to create a platform for the evergrowing scene of stencil artists.

ATM Gallery and the INTOXICATED DEMONS GALLERY are going to present from the 13th February 2009 onwards in the double exhibition “Stencil History X” a comprehensive view of works by C215 and numerous other French and international stencil artists.