JUNG & SCHÖN – An exhibition project by Julia Jüngling Art Consulting and ATM Gallery Berlin.

Beauty and youth are two of the most valued qualities of our time, the more impossible it is to conserve or even consume them.

As desirable as these ideals may be, they can only be grasped for the moment. Nevertheless, we have admired the beauty of a Mona Lisa for over 500 years now, marvelled at the perfection of ancient art for millennia.

Art is the only discipline in which the elemental power of beauty and youth can be captured, archived and even possessed. It is not for nothing that the exhibition is titled “YOUNG & BEAUTIFUL”, because in the artworks of these 12 artists one can sense a youthful vitality and joie de vivre, that only art is capable of reflecting.

Young art – wild, unbroken and beautiful by some of the most up-and-coming positions of the present day, compiled by Julia Jüngling Art Consulting and the ATM Gallery Berlin in the Barlach Halle K Hamburg. Contemporary painting, graphics & objects whose origins lie in the multi-layered nature of our modern metropolises.

From 9-12 September 2021 we will be showing a selection of works by Marc Jung, Danny Gretscher, Billi Methe, Innerfields, Emess in the heart of Hamburg, Ruby Anemic, Kiki van Cheese, Daniel Grau alias Hudefella, Josephine Kaiser, M:M, Kai Staudacher and John Wentz.

Opening: Thu. Sept. 9.th 2021, 6 10 pm

Show: Fr. Sept. 10.th – Sun. Sept. 12.th 2021
daily 1 – 8 pm