Vernissage: 30.05.2008, 7pm


In 1990 PURE EVIL left the Poll Tax Riots of London behind and went to live in California where he spent 10 years ingesting weapons grade psychedelics , thinking about stuff , making electronic music and printing t-shirts . Inspired by skateboard culture and the west coast character graffiti of Twist he returned to London and inexplicably picked up a spraycan and started painting weird fanged vampire bunnies everywhere. After having spent the past year working on new canvasses and prints inspired by ‘the wreckage of utopian dreams and an apocalyptic vision of the end of time’ , PE is now launching his vision of darkness on an unsuspecting world, trying to look at the

BIG PICTURE… asking the tricky questions like :
‘what does evil look like?’
‘why do humans seem to like conflict and explosions so much?’
‘are penguins naturally psychopathic and can they use nunchuks effectively?
‘is earth actually a deep space battle station created millions of years ago by an evil galactic empire?’

PURE EVIL resides within the Dark Sciences of the Art world, nestled neatly somewhere between graffiti and Brit Shock. He assassinates popular iconography, dosing it with political satire and populating it with infamous despots and dictators. The ideas tread a fine line between the subversive and the nerdy and in doing so create a comfortable stage from which he snowballs his audience with highly charged critiques on the state of both World affairs and other intergalactical issues concerning Alderon and Hoth. Not shy of confrontation he embraces the chance to shock with elan . This is very modern graffiti at it’s freshest and most humorous, and if you don’t love the ‘Panda’s Rock’ print; then your heart is black and made of sewage. After Beijing, Antwerp and London this is another stop of PURE EVILS this years world tour, his first solo show in Berlin – followed by shows in Newcastle and Sao Paulo.

ATM is happy to show about 30 new masterpieces of the british prince of darkness.

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