Vernissage: 14.11.2008, 7pm


BÖREK’s sprayed characters can be found at countless places in areas of Berlin like Kreuzberg and Mitte. For years now BÖREK delights the passing by with his fondly created installations like the cheerful and sometimes disturbed looking faces of his sculptural characters or aggressively smiling spray cans. With his distinctive Oneliner-Character, BÖREK enriches the European 1UP Crew as a more or less permanent member. As an artist he has expanded his field and has been placing plaster and spray foam installations in the streets of Berlin for a few years now. Some of his urban characters made out of plaster are the 3-dimensioal transformations of his popular street-carries. Another part of BÖREK’s sculptural Schaffenskraft are delicate, shy or disturbed looking twilight creatures who seem to be an antipole to the sometimes aggressive looking street characters.

Even though these miniature sculptures have often been victims of a public constraint to collect things, they triggered vivid reactions and sometimes people leave fan letters or notes where there had been one of BÖREK’s works before. In 2007 BÖREK took part at the 3.Backjumps Live Issue exhibition and designed a number of walls with meter-high installations. At the group exhibition „Begehung Chemnitz“ the artist also showed one of his animated films.

Currently the artist works as a motion designer for a well-known cartoon channel. Next to studying animation he also works on animated film projects, in which he exploits his 3-dimensional comprehension to compose things, a result of his stylistic characteristics as a graffiti artist and illustrator. By bringing together these different but somehow related genres BÖREK managed to create his very own style, which is surprisingly well related to Graffiti Art and Berlin.

ATM is proud to present a variety of the urban sculptural world BÖREK’s and would like to invite you to the opening night of „ENCOUNTER 2 THE 3RD DIMENSION“.