Ciscoksl & Fafa – Iberian Colours

Opening: 26.03.2010, 19 Uhr
Exhibition: 26.03. – 24.04.2010


Ciscoksl & Fafa are two Urban Artists who are connected in many ways, though their artistic approach and expression are very different. Both come from the Iberian Peninsula, both startet to paint in the streets in 1997 and both managed to draw their graffiti experience on canvas in a way that has the appeal of contemporay fine art.

Fafa startet painting pretty early and as a teenager he was very attracted by hip-hop culture – as graffiti ment to be the perfect thing for a young painter to be a part of it. After studiing Fine Arts in his hometown Sevilla he sees himself as an artistic ethnologer. In the series of works that are part of his unique project about graffiti situations, Fafa likes to do an homage to the whole graff-culture and to show his world to everybody from the point of view of an insider.

Ciscoksl is a young but very talented Artist from Catalonia, who plays many cards. Half way between the streets and the classroom Ciscoksl´s fascinating and sensitive water-colour paintings are full of personal and expressive life. In his series Ciscoksl transmits via mouths of others and gives them a voice by leaving them shout silently. Speech is the expression of the majority and his portraits are the language to reach a few.

Neither Fafa nor Ciscoksl were into letter styles or writing so much but much more into characters, landscapes and figurative or realistic painting, which explains the close relation to fine art in their work.