Opening: 19.02.2010, 7pm
Exhibition: 19.02. – 20.03.2010


Growing up in Berlin the comic book enthusiast Gogoplata taught himself the craft of drawing early on. On the streets of Berlin he developed his skills as a graffiti artist for years while at the same time working as a professional cartoon designer and animator. Fascinated by Californian Pop-Surrealists and legendary `lowbrow` artists like Robert Williams and Todd Schorr as well as comic artists such as Robert Crumb, Charles Burns and Fil, Gogoplata decides to turn his passion as an illustrator and painter into a profession. He uses everyday life and the media, especially their effects on society and individual as his main source of inspiration. Like a Jazz musician he improvises connections in his works that open themselves to the observer only in the final visualization. At this Gogoplata`s varied creative potential ranges in the realm of the `not obvious` – turning the inward out, he formulates conditions, creates vibes, uncovers neuroses and broaches the issues of typical urban sensations. His protagonists often seem to be dependent on themselves; Citing themselves without even knowing they are helplessly caught in the disposition of their situations – katharsis impossible. But still his tender, accurate stroke fills the viewer with warmth, leaves him with an imprecise yet acute cheeriness and at the same time offers a way out through the back via laughter – if you do not choke on it …