Incubus Project – CORROSION

Opening: 08.01.2010, 7pm


Very few are able to create such a strong association between the mood of the street and their art like Incubus Project. The streetart-duo from St. Petersburg is famous beyond Russia for their complex non-linear collage compositions that merge with their environment. This is not just stencils on the walls, but also the walls themselves, their face, communication, pipes, wires, transformer stations – they are all part of the arrangement.

The themes are mainly futuristic and by displaying machinery they bring early videos by „Kraftwerk“, a german technopop band, to memory. Moreover the purist choice of colors -red/black – constitutes another part of their expressive and longevity stencils.

In 2008 Incubus Project were already an important part of the graffiti & streetart “Names Festival” in Prague, where they presented their work next to other international leaders of the scene like Blu, M-City and Brad Downey. Considering the formation of the group was only in 2006, their participation was quite impressive.

Since their break-up last year all works are signed by street-artist INKY and they contain more specific references to his personal career. INKY graduated from the St Peterburg College of Art with specialty in painting, and is now completing training at Saint Petersburg’s Academy of Art and Design as an architect. Both of these disciplines influence and drive the creativity of the artist, formed his style, and defined the themes of his work. Inky is interested in formal architectural forms and structures equally with leading graphics and picturesque.

ATM Gallery is proud to present INKY’s first solo show in Berlin, where he will display a number of new works that were exclusively produced for this particular exhibition and have not been shown in public yet. We can look forward to an artistic expression that moves between socialistic propaganda and futuristic modernism as well as connecting East and West.


Incubus Project


Incubus Project