DANNY GRETSCHER – OUT OF REACH – Gallery Weekend Berlin – 11.-13. September 2020 @ ATM Gallery Berlin

For the first time in a solo exhibition, ATM Gallery Berlin presents new works of contemporary painting by Danny Gretscher at the Gallery Weekend. We would like to welcome you and your friends to the vernissage of the exhibition “OUT OF REACH” on Friday, 11 September 2020 and look forward to your visit at the Gallery Weekend Berlin.

Vernissage Fr.11. September 19:00 Uhr, ATM Gallery Berlin, Lützowstr.6, 10785 Berlin – Tiergarten

As enchanted as one may be by Danny Gretscher’s almost abstract, colourful works, it is not easy to describe or grasp them – because Danny Gretscher dedicates himself to a subject that is completely intangible, intuitive and fleeting, as the exhibition title “OUT OF REACH” promises.

“Impulses from the depths of the universe visit me in the form of feelings. I then put a coloured garment on these feelings, sometimes a few strokes are enough and suddenly they are visible.” Nevertheless, Gretscher’s works contain their own vocabulary, a constellation of symbols, signs and apparent allegories that describe a completely original world that at the same time reveals an often subtle, sometimes strong refraction of our own. Danny Gretscher was born in Jena in 1977 and when he finally emigrated in 1989, the power of western graffiti overtook him. After completing his bachelor’s degree at the University of Graphic Design & Communication Stuttgart, he moved to Berlin and has been living and working between Berlin and Perth, Australia since 2004.

The best thing is to get an impression yourself – we look forward to your visit!