Vernissage: 07.12.2007, 7pm


Once a ‘Meisterschueler’ at the Berlin UDK, EMESS has been working within the creative field for decades – confused by contemporary artscene EMESS found creative shelter in the freedom of urban space. For some time now Emess has expanded his spectrum and has been working as part of the Berlin street art scene, presenting his own signs to a more and more designed Environment. He primarily engages with themes such as the human itself, war, media, work. His provocative combinations and politically motivated images often act as some sort of reminder. By combining different pictograms the artist manages to achieve a meaning that is controversial to its original one. Picasso’s white pigeon, which symbolizes freedom, becomes the EMESS’ war pigeon. The artist achieves the transformation, which is significant for his work, by adding bombs that are falling out of a hole in the bird’s stomach area which refers to George Bush’s claim wanting to bring freedom by attaching Irak and throwing bombs. In his urban street-cosmos Emess creates gigantic art pieces by combining numerous posters to huge collages or his sprayed protagonists shout, greet or die in lifesize on walls or phonebooths. All of EMESS´ works have in common to question, to activate or to irritate– taking their power from the day-to-day reality of our medialised metropolitan life.

Emess - Vernissage 07.12.07