Vernissage: 08.08.2008, 7pm


South African based Faith47 describes in „the restless debt of third world beauty“ her very personal exploration into parts of the south african landscape that juxtapose beauty and strength with hardship and neglect.

South Africa geographically is segregated in terms of class and race. People live within their community without ever experiencing or interacting across their borders. We remove ourselves from people and places that we do not experience at first hand. They simply do not exist.

This is not specific to south africa but is reflected in the world at large. we feel so far removed from each other but in reality we are so very close.

Both the female and the third world have been oppressed and raped. Despite this they are powerfully resilient and form the backbone of strength in society.

Their voices are silenced in the media with its strong western male gaze and there is frustration and resistance that results from this situation.

This restless debt is what FAITH47 is looking at. The resilliance and strength. the angry calm – silent shouts – something humble and bulletproof in a violent world.

FAITH47 likes to thank red bull and the british council for support.

ATM is proud to present in„THE RESTLESS DEBT OF THIRD WORLD BEAUTY“ around 20 different works of FAITH47 in Germany for the very first time.

Among her newest prints and paste ups the photosgraphs of her pieces from South African townships are some of the most impressive works of our time. We also would like to welcome you and your friends to a dokumentary film the urban artist produced very recently.

Faith47 - Gallery