Tim Robot & Samz – Hi5!

Vernissage: 05.09.2008, 7pm


SAMZ MONSTER – big round eyes, which look at you, hypnotised from a geometrically furry body. The gaze travels along the long naked arms and you can see little yellow drops coming out of the white underpants. They rhythmically fall down to the ground like they are dancing. Slightly irritated we look up and see the Samz grinning from one ear to the other (with its big grin). Samz’s Monsters would like to play but instead of a playground they prefer the streets. They taste like those white and red stripy lollipops which are so bad for you theeth but they taste so good.

When you have seated yourself comfortably in front of the TV with a pack of crisps and a cold soft drink they come and knock at your door, through with multi-coloured bones or flashes and tell you about tea bags and colourful pills. They grab you and take you in their colour-universe. Your mind is trying to find excuses not to go but your legs have started dancing. The blue monster with pink circles along the arm will reach you a beer and you will stare into the dark night. A slight tremble goes through your body but you know it will all be fine again. You are taken care of. You are in good hands.

TIM ROBOT- his creatures are in contrast to SAMZ’s monsters square machine figures. Their adoration for playful creatures is one of the reasons for the collaboration of the two young urban artists. Therefore it does not surprise us that SAMZ Monster and other fluffy figures team up with TIM’s robots mates and can be seen together at places like the Avastar Club, the Sameheads Store in Berlin and the „7to7-see you in heaven“ Fashion Show in Hamburg. They also can be found on Piranha Snowboards, in Be-Mag or at brands like Titus BERLIN. Whether TIM ROBOT and SAMZ feel connected through their little creatures or if their creativity will bring them together again for future projects, at the moment he two artists live and work in Berlin as Graphic Designers, Illustrators and Media Designers.

ATM is proud to present with HI 5! more than 20 different pieces of two urban artists which collaboration started at ATM Gallery and we welcome you and your friends to another opening night.