ELIOT – Seemannsgarn

Vernissage: 10.07.2009, 7pm


Eliot can be regarded as primary rock of the German hip-hop movement. He is beat boxer, producer, graffiti artist and comic drawer. As a beat boxer he has earned a high reputation and has worked with artists such as the Guano ApesLou Bega, and Michael MittermeierRed Man und Method Man, as well as the Black Eyed Peas

Since 1988 beat box-ELIOT is a member of the oldest German graffiti network BK/AFM (Böse Knaben/Art for Money) and making art as Colorbox Eliot. His images show a combination of graffiti, illustration and comic art. Since 1989 Eliot has published together with Scunk numerous comic short stories, which were released in the Totenkopf publishing house.

Eliot lives in Berlin since 2003. In the exhibition „Seemannsgarn“ he will show new, hand-embroidered works, a combination of embroidery and styles, as well as his most recent prints, which relate to his appearance as a graffiti and comic artist. The artist draws article of daily use from his graffiti past like markers, paint rollers or spray cans and adds his embroidered pixels raster. The meditative dedication of the stitching reminds of the meticulousness of comic drawings. Working on images that have been coated with varnish beforehand comes from Eliot’s roots as graffiti painter and therefore is and important part of his works. By adding his embroidery style he likes to give his pieces a contemporary computer aesthetic which stands for the fact that each instrument is like an addition to our possibilities and our expressions – like a spray can enabled the graffiti and the microphone the beat box.

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