MYMO – I just did this yesterday

Vernissage: 20.03.2009, 7pm


Mymonsters stands for the creations of the artist MYMO. MYMO is next to Miss.Tic and Swoon one of the not very many female wall artists who work internationally and who have managed to build up a reputation and well-respected name in the male-dominated urban art scene. The artist’s roots lie in the graffiti scene, but MYMO developed her letters into characters, the so-called Mymonsters. Her desire to create and develop things as well as her endeavour to interact and communicate with her environment is significant for MYMO’s work.The artist makes use of different medias and techniques – paints, sprays, glues collages, painting, animation and installation which can be found in countless streets as well as popular galleries in Europe. MYMO likes to make use of the urban architecture and embeds little flaws in the wall like holes, gaps as well as the material structure, which give inspiration and the basic form and design for her monsters, which is one of the reasons why MYMO’s monsters often seam to have always been sticking in that particular wall. MYMO’s creations are often dressed in checked garments, or some with stripes or squares in the oddest colour-combinations and with spaghetti arms, fluttering breasts and countless teeth. Mymonsters love to irritate, animate and amuse at the same time. Through their presents these creatures manage to let barren industrial areas mutate into mymonster playgrounds and other fantastic things. Life itself with all its ups and downs can be regarded as the artist’s source of inspiration for her monsters through which she likes to reflect the range of different human emotions. Mymonsters show the world from MYMO’s perspective and have been seen in countess exhibitions and magazines, on shirts and skateboards, on the streets of cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Bologna, Gothenburg, Lisbon, Paris, Marseille as well as in North and South America and New York. In collaboration with the character festivals ‘Pictoplasma’ ATM Gallery is happy to present works of the Artist MYMO in the exhibition ‘I just did this yesterday’, which cheerful lightness is as convincing as we know it from her works in public spaces. ‘I just did this yesterday; if u come to my show today u will see something of tomorrow. – MYMO.

Mymo ATM Gallery